Swiss Legacy Consulting

Senioren Beratung Für Alle Lebensbereiche

Your Golden Days...Your Legacy...Your Way

You invest invaluable energy and resources to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face in your day-to-day life. Why compromise your health or life-style along the way?

You deserve to live your retirement happily, in peace and with dignity, while your legacy transitions smoothly and lives on, for generations to follow. 

Along your journey, trusted advice or practical assistance becomes indispensable or even life-saving. Turning to relatives might not be possible or makes you feel like a burden. 

Live Life 'Your Way'

We are your trusted fiduciary partner for all your life matters. We want you to continue to live life 'your way'. We believe that you deserve to live your life to the full; in comfort, peace of mind and dignity. 

Whether banking, health insurance, clinic visits, downsizing or evaluating your lifestyle both now and beyond, we ensure that you benefit from the best fiduciary advice.

Your golden days are ahead of you and not behind you, and we are honoured to be at your side. 

Our Commitment, Your Peace Of Mind

While most fiduciary providers focus on wealth or real estate management for their clients, we consult and assist you through all your life matters. We are the pioneer in comprehensive fiduciary services focusing on seniors in Berne.


We handle your affairs, acting in your sole interest. We operate at arms length with all service providers and do not accept commissions or gifts. 


You entrust us with your most private matters. We value this trust and honour it with our utmost dedication, loyalty and confidentiality.

Tailor-made services

As a pioneer in comprehensive elderly fiduciary services, we offer 100% tailor-made services designed to meet the unique needs of each individual client.


We do not compromise the quality of our service. We stand by our pledge to offer you the best elderly fiduciary service you can get. If you are not satisfied with our services, we offer a 100% refund. We exist to make a difference in people's lives and if for any reason we are not able to do so, we do not believe it is fair to charge for our time.


We pledge to act as your trusted partner on all aspects of your life. We strive to build a long-term relationship with you and your family based on trust, integrity and mutual respect. 



  • Coordinate your day to day errands
  • Organise your shopping (personal, grocery, household etc.)
  • Organise your household  and secure assistance services (cleaning, gardening, maintenance etc.)
  • Schedule your appointments
  • Provide you with home watch services
  • Offer you total home management
  • Plan, book and organise your travels
  • Plan and execute your events and parties
  • Coordinate and assist you with downsizing your home
  • Organise all vehicle related activities (yearly service, inspection, winter tyres)

Health & Lifestyle

  • Organise on your behalf onsite & offsite health care services
  • Escort you on all medical visits (doctors, clinics, hospitals etc.)
  • Coordinate on your behalf sport & lifestyle activities
  • Evaluate your current way of living,  addressing current and future health situations
  • Explore, evaluate, select and manage your transition to your new way of living (downsizing, senior residence or other)


  • Manage all your insurance claims (health, household, 3rd party liability, life etc.)
  • Contact and clarify any social security matters on your behalf
  • Manage your home office (mail correspondence, filing, archiving etc.)
  • Plan your estate and catalogue all your personal assets

 Wealth & Legal

 Perform all your banking transactions on your behalf

  • Coordinate with your tax adviser all your tax claim matters
  • Secure on your behalf legal consulting services, where needed
  • Oversee the  activities of your external wealth manager
  • Assist planning of your end of life and personal legacy
  • Coordinate and execute your asset liquidation (house, car etc.)


Membership Fee?

We require no membership fees. You pay only for the services you really need.


Our first discussion with you will be a free-of-charge phone call. During this 45 minute  call, we learn about your unique needs and requirements.


We charge a two-hour consulting fee for assessment and onboarding. This fee includes the preparation of a bespoke plan we create for you.


Our hourly consulting fee is CHF 120.- Prior to service delivery, we provide you with an offer detailing the amount of hours required. Our consulting fee covers the back office administrative time as well as the actual services we deliver. 

Check On My Family

Whether in the neighboring canton or on the broadest continent, you are far away from your relatives and care about their well-being. We visit your relatives at their home, senior residence or home. We will inform you how they are doing and if they are missing something.

Regularly visits
Home visits help maintain the social bonds of your loved ones. Rely on us 7 days a week and on the relationship of trust that we maintain with your relatives. Visits are made in the rhythm and on the days you have chosen in agreement with your loved ones: 1, 2, 4 or 6 times a week.

Connect small repairs
In case of a breakdown in the home of your loved ones, we take care of everything. We organize a craftsman and make sure that the work is properly managed and billed as quoted *.
 * The repair costs are not included in the monthly installment.

Set the number of visits per week
Visit my relatives regularly and inform me how they are doing:

  • 1 visit per week of 20 minutes, incl. Minor repairs CHF 120.- per month
  • 2 visits per week of 20 minutes, incl. Minor repairs CHF 180.- per month
  • 4 visits per week à 20 minutes, incl. Minor repairs CHF 290.- per month
  • 6 visits per week à 20 minutes, incl. Minor repairs CHF 430.- per month

Also a means to prevent isolation
Even if they are surrounded by their family, their relatives sometimes need special help to communicate the need for everyday life or just to chat for a few minutes. The regular visit helps to prevent the isolation of older people by maintaining a social bond and reassuring the rest of the family.

About The Founder

Daniella Touhami grew up as the only child of a ship engineer and medical technology assistant. Due to her father's business travelling, the family lived in Germany, Spain and Brasil. At the age of 14, Daniella returned with her family to Hamburg, where her father retired. 

After completing her high school, Daniella chose the hospitality industry to start her career. Her passion for travelling, meeting people from all walks of life and communicating in various languages took her to work onboard passenger vessels. During this time, her globetrotting meant that she met with people from all over the world. 

In 2000, Daniella successfully finished her Bachelor of Business degree in Australia. At university and during a Law class, she met her husband Ahmad.  Together, they started a family and live in Berne with their four children.

Daniella has extensive experience in the corporate world and possesses unique managment and organisational skills. For around 10 years, Daniella worked for an international corporation as a Team Assistant and Personal Assistant to a member of the executive management.

During the past years in her personal life, Daniella has been providing voluntarily assistance to local citizens who require help with administrative, financial or other life matters. She deals with the local commune, performs online banking, claims insurance costs, prepares tax claims and helps with other day to day challenges. 

Daniella feels heart-broken that  many vulnerable citizens lack trustworthy advice and competent assistance. As a result, she is overwhelmed by the appreciation shown for her trustworthy support. This inspired her, in 2017, to start her new business.

Bringing it all together, her career in hospitality management, love for people and volunteer experience helped Daniella find her new passion: 

To make a lasting difference and impact in people's lives.  

And now Daniella is on a mission to do so. 

Call her!  Daniella is here for you!